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Outdoor GPS Fans We Have A New Garmin GPS Sun Visor / Glare / Weather Shield Coming For You.

Based on a customer request, we have prototype designs for a new Garmin GPS sun visor / weather shield. This visor / weather shield was custom fitted to work with the Garmin Zumo 660 / 660LM / 665 / 665LM GPS units. It was requested by a BMW motor cycle rider for the Navigator IV GPS (This is basically a Garmin Zumo 660 with a few tweaks for BMW motorcycle guys). This product will become available once prototype testing proves successful, so for all of you looking for a great GPS sun visor / glare / weather shield option stay tuned for a cool new product. Once again this was a situation where someone wasn't able to find quite the right product to fill their need. In this case there wasn't an easy to find sun visor / glare / weather shield that worked well mounting with the BMW motorcycle mount. In this case it was being installed on a popular BMW sport touring bike the R1200RT. Let us know if you have one of those hard to find products and maybe it will be the next cool new product to come to life.