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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book Magnetic Stylus / Pen Holder Storage

Microsoft has just introduced some exciting new products. The next generation of surface branded hardware is available for pre-order and there are many new features to be excited about. One question that needs to be answered is how well will the new magnetic stylus holder perform. One of the first more in depth reviews talks a little about the new magnetic stylus holder and it sounds promising, but let us know what you think. You can check out the in depth review.

It is sounding like the new surface pro 4 and surface book may be in need of an alternate solution to the built in magnetic stylus holder. This is a copied quote from

"They haven't improved things with the Surface Pro 4, either. Well, they improved it a little - now it magnetically sticks to the other side (not in the charging port) - until it gets knocked off. I got my Pro 4 last week, lost the pen yesterday. That's $60. Grrrrrr. My Note does not have that problem."

That's So Cool Products will have an alternate stylus holder solution for the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 soon, so stop back to check out our solution in the near future.