About out company Thats So Cool Products. We are a designer and maker of those simple but hard to find products. When you run across one of those products that you are surprised you can't find because it seems so simple let us know. Maybe we can help.

Let's make something cool!

That's So Cool Products LLC

That’s So Cool Products was born out of a need for a simple item that we couldn't find. After spending a considerable amount of time searching for a product and not finding quite the right solution, the thinking began. Why would something so simple not be available? Was there not enough demand for a big manufacturer to care about making it? Was there no way to make enough profit selling this product at a price people would pay?


Sometimes not finding a product that seems to be so simple or basic can be a little frustrating.

We figured why not try to create it ourselves. After all it may be the case that others would be looking for something like this too and we could help them out at the same time. It was time to get to work and see if this product could be made by ourselves. When it was done the first comment was “That’s so cool!”, and That’s So Cool Products LLC was born.

Our logo was created to try and tie in with our company name. The snowflake representing cool, the gear or cog representing our products or widgets, and finally the mesh of the symbolic snowflake gear with the mechanical gear to represent thought and ingenuity.

Our hope is to help create the simple items there is a need for, but just don’t seem to exist. When we make or create something for our customers, our goal is to try and get that same first comment “That’s so cool!”. So let us know about your missing products, maybe it will be the next one we can bring to life.